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New Sweet Challenge on Candy Crush Friends Saga

Fans of the Candy Crush Saga will love this new journey. This time, the adventure is sweeter because the cutest and friendliest Candy Crush Friends are also in town! Match different types of candies and colorful sweets to blast your way throughout the game’s hundreds of levels.

Creating matches is easy. Just tap and swipe a candy to switch its place and match it with the same-colored candies. You only need to make a match of 3s to clear candies. Of course, you can match more than that to gain higher scores and even create combos!

Matching 4 or more types of candies will give you different types of boosters that can help blast more candies with just one move. These colorful boosters can also help blast blocked candies and clear every difficult level you may encounter.


Unlock New Candy Crush Friends

This new chapter of Candy Crush offers new treats and delicious surprises that can give you a unique and more exciting gameplay adventure! The main difference between Candy Crush Friends from its predecessor is that it makes the Candy Crush characters more involved in the game.

Avid players of the original Candy Crush have already encountered these characters, but it is in Candy Crush Friends that they are introduced more personally (and are also more involved) in the gameplay.

At the start of the game, you can choose from 3 default Candy Crush Friends to start playing with. Each friend has its special candy with its own unique and special power. It can be used as an additional booster in difficulty levels (if you want to level up faster).

As you go higher in level, you collect stickers that can unlock more Candy Crush Friends! Get to know each character by unlocking them and making use of their special power. There’s Tiffi, Yeti, Nutcracker, Odus, Red Rabbit, and more!

It is crucial to choose which Candy Crush Friend should you use for a particular level – especially in the more difficult ones. Their special power can help you blast solid blocks – but only if you choose the right booster or special power for that level.


Enjoy Unique and Special Candy Boosters!

Candy Crush Friends also introduces new types of candy boosters that are not found in its predecessors. This includes striped, wrapped, and colored bomb candies. You can create a square-shaped match to create a booster or match 6 candies or more!

A striped candy booster is created when you match 4 candies horizontally. It helps blast jellies and chocolates that are within its line (and frees more candies to be matched on the board). Every special candy or booster can also be tapped and switched to create a more explosive and sweet blast combo! Remember, these Candy Crush Friends are your allies, and they will be very involved as you go play and surpass the game’s hundreds of levels.


Learn More Candy Crush Tricks!

If you haven’t heard about the golden rule when it comes to Candy Crush Friends, then it’s time to listen up and pay attention. Do you know that it is best to not heed the game’s “recommended friends”? Yes, you heard that right.

Remember that the game allows you to choose a friend at the start of the game, right? The game sometimes recommends a friend for you to use – but again, don’t listen to that. Go for the friend who you think would be the most powerful among them.

For starters, you can try Misty. Yeti is also a powerful character to be used in most levels, but that is if you have unlocked him already. For levels that require you to “Fill Empty Hearts,” Tiffi can come in handy because she can give you Fish candies. These Fish candies can swim and fill up the spaces.


Explore A New Sweet 3D Candy World

There are also new challenges to beat on Candy Crush Friends! There are bonus levels and challenges that will require you to dunk cookies in chocolate, special bubblegum levels, and those where you will be asked to free octopuses and mammoths.

These bonus challenges may sometimes be difficult, but they do give you handsome rewards and freebies – so it is better that you don’t miss out on these extra levels! Most of the time, you will gain Lollipops and timed boosters. You may also get a free pack of Fish candies.

Once you gather boosters from these special levels, they will be used to blast candies at the start of every level you play thereafter. It makes the next levels easier to surpass because you gain an advantage from the start.


Play Candy Crush Friends Saga Free on PC

Now you can enjoy the sweet saga on your PC with a free Candy Crush Friends unblocked download. Experience the sweet adventures and tasty challenges in a bigger and better screen. Get to know each Candy Friend and choose the right companion for every level you encounter!



  • Enjoy hundreds of sweet and colorful levels!
  • Unlock new Candy Crush Friends or characters.
  • Experience new kinds of candy boosters and power-ups.
  • Try solving new challenges and puzzles.
  • Play Candy Crush Friends online or offline.

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